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IQ Office® provides a complete solution to resolve Information Quality (IQ) issues in complex, high-volume and multi-platform business environments. IQ Office is available with native support for multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux and Unix.

IQ Office provides data profiling, parsing and standardisation, record matching, de-duplication, address validation and geocoding functionality within an integrated set of components.

IQ Office is available via software licensing for client side on-premises use, through bureau style managed services or as Software as a Service. The flexibility of IQ Office enables the solution to be configured to meet your unique requirements enabling continuous information quality improvements for your organisation. Benefits offered by the software can be observed across a wide array of data sources and in different business contexts – in batch mode or in real-time, at the point of data capture.

Qantas Loyalty is an innovative data led business that trusts IQ Office for its data quality and data enrichments needs, supporting the Qantas Frequent Flyer and Qantas Business Rewards programs.

Australia's premier health insurance agency relies on IQ Office to ensure it can accurately contact its customers

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