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Address Validation and Geocoding

What is address validation and geocoding?

  • Address validation is a systematic process that compares an address provided by a user to an authoritative list of true addresses for the purpose of enhancing the accuracy and consistency of an address record.
  • Geocoding is the process of transforming an address to a physical location represented by a point on a map or a polygon area on a map which contains the address.

Using Intech’s advanced software known as IQ Office, Intech has successfully bridged the gap between traditional databases and spatial-based location databases, enabling highly efficient and reliable address validation and geocoding in real-time or batch mode. Furthermore, by appending standard geographic tags, such as latitude and longitude, statistical and electoral boundaries, and social demographic indicators to address records, IQ Office delivers incredibly valuable data that offers powerful insights across widely diverse applications in corporate enterprise, government departments and NFP’s.

IQ Office is driven by established and well proven matching rules. Its algorithms perform well even with incomplete or inaccurate data such as typos, missing address attributes, vanity/alias addresses, corner addresses and many other issues that confound competing solutions. A feature that is unique to IQ Office is an intelligent capability algorithm that enables geographic attributes to be returned even when an address is incomplete or ambiguous. In combination with other unique IQ Office capabilities, this algorithm substantially increases both accuracy and geocoding rates.

The ABS relies on Intech's Address Validation and Geocoding software

To see how IQ Office operates in real time, access our free interactive demo.

The Address Validation and Geocoding components at the heart of IQ Office’s location intelligence capabilities are the product of years of dedicated software development. IQ Office has been designed with customer feedback reflected in each iteration, increasing its functionality, effectiveness and efficiency. 

In addition to IQ Office incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, algorithms and ‘gold standard’ address matching rules defined by Australia Post, the parsing, validation, standardisation and geocoding capabilities developed by Intech Solutions are constantly re-assessed and upgraded as the industry develops. 

The innovative and technology-driven Blue Zebra Insurance uses Intech's Address Validation and Geocoding solutions to ensure the accuracy of its underwriting

Features and Benefits of IQ Office' Address Validation and Geocoding

  • Accurately append multiple geocodes to addresses
  • Reverse geocoding – accurately identify addresses from geographic location
  • Batch processing with very high throughput performance.
  • Real-time capabilities with integrated address validation
  • Utilises multiple authoritative address reference data to support addresses in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, USA and more.
  • Integrates into custom built applications on all major platforms.
  • Pre-configured integration adapters for most major CRM and ERP providers including applications from SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle Corporation.
  • Available as on-premises software, cloud based web service, or a hybrid solution.
  • Accessible via Esri® ArcGIS® products as a geo-coding Locator Service.
  • Supports any reference data, allowing you to take full control of the reference data and geographic boundaries used in your solution.
  • Standard geographic tags include:
    • Geographic latitude and longitude (point/location on a map)
    • Statistical boundaries
    • Electoral boundaries
    • Socio demographic indicators

Read more about the IQ Office Geocoding Service for Australia

Australia's independent energy markets and power systems operator, AEMO, uses Intech for its Address Validation and Geocoding location intelligence

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