IQ Hosted Web Service

The IQ Hosted Web Service provides a quick, reliable and cost-effective method of capturing accurate addresses and adding value to address data. The IQ Hosted Web Service is a SOAP/XML web service hosted by Intech Solutions that uses the functionality provided by our "best of breed" IQ Office Information Quality software. It enables users to validate and geographically code addresses over the internet, thereby improving accuracy and minimising infrastructure and upfront costs.

The IQ Hosted Web Service provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows users to integrate the address validation and geographic coding functionality into existing application and data entry screens. Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) can also be provided for ’standalone’ use. A full list of the available functions is included in the SOAP/XML API guide that is provided to users when they connect to the IQ Hosted Web Service.

The IQ Hosted Web Service can be used for Rapid (point-of-entry) address capture or in batch mode. In a Rapid Address capture scenario the functionality allows the user to quickly and accurately capture, validate, standardise , barcode and/or geographically code addresses at the point of data entry. In a Batch scenario the functionality allows the user to nominate a set of addresses as input and define processes such as either validating and barcoding addresses or validating and appending geographic codes to addresses.

By accessing two nationally authoritative Address Reference Files (ARFs), the IQ Hosted Web Service enhances the integrity of customer data. This is done by returning a customer address that is both valid in content (accuracy) and format (standard), whilst adding value and reducing data entry costs.

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