Complete, accurate and timely customer information

Achieving an aggregated, consistent and holistic representation of the data known by an organisation about its customers (Single Customer View) is necessary to analyse past customer behaviour to better target and personalise future customer interactions.

In many organisations, data is spread across several systems and as a result it is often difficult to keep a complete and clear overview of each customer. It is hence necessary to aggregate data from multiple systems to maintain a true, current and complete representation of each customer. Achieving a Single Customer View has proven to be an elusive holy grail for many organisations, with the most common barrier to success being data quality issues.

Intech has established a framework for successfully implementing a Single Customer View. This framework overcomes obstacles via sophisticated and well established data quality processes which ensure the consistency, accuracy, uniqueness and currency of each customer record. This assists our customer in realising the benefits of aggregated, consistent and holistic customer data readily available across the organisation.

Features & Benefits

  • Established framework with proven record of success.
  • Integrated data quality processes
  • Highly sophisticated data matching ensures accurate aggregation of customer information
  • Benefits of an accurate single customer view include:
    • Enhanced customer service
    • Higher cross selling opportunities.
    • Fosters operational efficiencies
    • Improved analytical capabilities
    • Increased customer acquisition and retention

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