The IQ Office Geocode Service is an ArcGIS® REST API Locator service providing geocoding functionality using Intech Solutions’ suite of IQ Office information quality tools. The IQ Office Geocoding Locator Service is available as on-premises software or via a web API. The Service will prepare and cleanse your input data as part of its geocoding process.

The service can:

  • Find address candidates - it will return a list of candidates based on address or location
  • Reverse geocode - it will return information about address components pertaining to the reverse geocoded address as well as its exact location.

The Service appends latitude and longitude coordinates; we call that geocoding. This lets you select an address from the list to locate or ‘pin-point’ the address on a map. Alternatively, if you input a set of lat/long coordinates, The Service can return address(es) closest to that location.

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