Data quality solutions to enable better Intelligence Analytics

Unauthorised access and fraudulent activities are, unfortunately prevalent across many industry sectors. Organisations across government, health, law-enforcement and financial services are facing an emerging threat in keeping misconduct in check. The technologies and methods used to enable this is heterogeneous and becoming increasingly complex.

The siloed nature of many enterprise systems leaves windows of opportunities for fraudulent activities to be executed without leaving many traces.

Stopping unauthorised access and transactions is a challenge when attacks are masked through intelligent means and occur across multiple channels.

Part of the key to success for the analyst hunting for fraudsters lies in the data or evidence they can collate.

Knowing where to look and what to track is an important first step in combating the investigation and deterrence of fraud. Maintaining a single view of your customer helps in consolidating information normally spread across different systems.

In pursuing evidence of fraud, high quality data and matching tools are often the difference between compiling a compelling case and speculating and following up on 'dead ends'. The breadcrumbs may lie dispersed across text in structured and unstructured formats and then be used to form patterns and entity associations.

Demographics of the population and other data enrichment capabilities can also add valuable insight into segments of interest and help concentrate the investigation on these areas.

Predictive Analytics can then be built on top of this high quality data to enable further probing of leads.

Visualisation of these leads is the final consolidation process that will allow informed decisions to be made and more effective fraud-combating strategies to be put in place.

Intech's expertise in enhancing data quality, forming connections across disparate sources of information and providing a superior backend to feed into Analytics and Intelligence solutions provides organisations with the ammunition needed to fight and deter fraud.

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