Easy, quick and flexible client search

In every database system, the ability to search and locate a client’s record is a key requirement. The lack of flexibility in searching for, and locating a client record will inevitably lead to duplicate records being introduced into the database.

Intech provides a highly scalable, flexible and effective solution which allows a user to search a database and locate a record even when significant differences exist in the search input.

Identity Search

The solution is installed and configured to be used either within custom build CRM applications or a wide range of standard CRM and ERP products from Oracle/Siebel, SAP and Microsoft.

Features & Benefits

  • Fuzzy matching makes it easy to locate customer records.
  • Multi-lingual and foreign name support
  • Intelligent sorting ensures most relevant record is presented first.
  • Extensive alias name support
  • Ability to fine tune to any dataset and business rules.
  • Benefits of enhanced identify searching:
    • Improved customer service
    • Decreased data duplication
    • Better ability to detect fraud
    • Higher cross selling opportunities.
    • Fosters operational efficiencies
    • Improved analytical capabilities
    • Increased customer acquisition and retention

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