Accurate location based capabilities

Translating address records to physical location (Geocoding) is essential in order to understand and utilise geographic relationships inherent in all information. In addition to the map visualisation capabilities it provides, Geocoding also provides extensive value in enhancing customer service, increasing analytical capabilities and identifying new opportunities.

Intech Solutions have pioneered methods which bridge the gap between traditional database information records and spatial based location information. These methods have enabled organisations with mission critical and high volume requirements to realise the full benefit of location intelligence.

Features and benefits:

  • Accurately appends multiple geographic codes to each address
  • Accurately identify addresses from geographic location (reverse geocoding)
  • Real-time capabilities with integrated address validation.
  • Batch processing with very high throughput performance.
  • Uses multiple authoritative address reference data supporting international addresses including Singapore, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and more.
  • Integrates into custom built applications on all major platforms.
  • Pre-configured integration adapters for most major CRM and ERP providers including applications from SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle Corporation.
  • Available as on-premises software, cloud based web service, or a hybrid solution.
  • Accessible via Esri® ArcGIS® products as a compliant Locator Service.
  • Supports any reference data, allowing customers to take full control of the reference data and geographic boundaries used in their solution.
  • Standard geographic tags include:
    • Geographic latitude and longitude (point/location on a map)
    • Statistical boundaries
    • Electoral boundaries
    • Socio demographic indicators

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