Data migration is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats, or computer systems (source - Wikipedia).

Inevitably, new systems provide a greater capability to utilise the data in ways which the legacy system could not. Whilst clearly a benefit, it also proposes a challenge since the source data is often of poor quality and/or not suitable for use by the new system.

To address this problem, and to ensure that implementation of new systems bring intended benefits, it is necessary to conduct data migration activities which transform, and where necessary, cleanse the data. As the data volume and complexity increases, so must the vigour of process - there is no room for error in a data migration process.

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Intech has developed a framework for transforming data from one system to another. This framework utilises extensive data quality tools to asses and detect data anomalies and suitably handle them to ensure project success.

Whilst the data migration framework and data quality tools are the very best available, this alone does not assure success. Intech has time and time again demonstrated an ability to succeed in the most demanding data transformation projects. The key to this success is the experience, knowledge and skill of our personnel, and the team work and management which guide them.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly experienced data migration team.
  • Extensive data profiling capacity to identify data anomalies.
  • Best of breed data quality toolset built into the migration processes.
  • Quality assurance at each step.
  • Security cleared staff able to work with protected and classified government data.
  • Benefits of engaging with us to establish a data transformation service:
    • Ensure data quality is maintained or enhanced
    • Timely, predictable and dependable on-time delivery
    • Mitigate data quality risks
    • Benefit from enhanced data quality in future state system
    • Free internal staff time to concentrate on core business activities

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