IQ Rapid Address is a real-time address matching engine that will match address data to an Address Reference File (ARF), such as the Postal Address File (PAF) or Geocoded National Address File (GNAF). The software is approved under Australia Post's Address Matching Approval Program (AMAS) and uses a deterministic matching method to process input addresses that may or may not be structured or in fact, complete. Chief among the many benefits that can be derived from the implementation of IQ Rapid Address are minimising the time and number of keystrokes required for address entry and validation.

IQ Rapid Address also offers powerful and accurate geographic coding capabilities by appending value added information such as Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) and Geocodes (geographical coordinate of an address like latitude/longitude, Local Government Area (LGA), Mesh Block etc.)

Packaged with IQ Rapid Address is IQ Easy Post for Windows, which is an entry-level batch address validation tool that provides the barcoding, sorting and reporting necessary to receive bulk mail discounts through Australia Post's AMAS® program and New Zealand Post's SendRightTM program.

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