IQ Office offers a complete, highly integrated solution to address and resolve Information Quality issues. This includes transforming, validating, standardising, matching and integrating a wide array of data sources, both in batch mode and in real-time at the point of data capture.

IQ Office consists of the following four distinct components:

Product Editions

IQ Office is supplied as one of three product editions - each containing a selection of the above components. The three editions of IQ Office are cumulative in that each contains all of the functionality of the previous edition. The IQ Office product editions are:

ARF (Address Reference File) Edition

IQ Office - Address Reference File Edition is at the core of our information quality capabilities. It includes real-time and batch capabilities via the IQ Rapid Address and IQ Standardiser components.

The primary purpose of this edition is address validation. This address validation capability can be easily extended to include geographic coding by licensing and adding additional data such as GNAF and boundary data. A key competitive advantage of ARF Edition is the ability to incorporate customer specific address and geographic data that may not be publicly available or that may involve the creation of custom data sets to meet customer specific requirements.

The functionality of the ARF Edition can also be extended by licensing additional Grammars (logic that provides extra parsing and standardisation functionality). Importantly, all of this functionality is encapsulated in a single software installation so the customer is not required to install and manage multiple, discreet pieces of software.

IQ Office can also be used as an ESRI® ArcGIS® compliant Locator Service for address cleansing and geocoding. Read more about the Locator Service here.

DTS (Data Transformation Services) Edition

IQ Office - Data Transformation Services Edition includes additional data parsing and standardisation functionality that would otherwise need to be licensed over and above standard ARF Edition functionality. This edition is typically used in data transformation environments such as CRM or ERP data conversions, data warehousing and/or other Extract Transform and Load (ETL) processes. The functionality available in the DTS Edition can be used in batch and/or real-time implementations.

Enterprise Edition

IQ Office - Enterprise Edition includes all of our core information quality capabilities in a single product. The main additions in this edition are the IQ Profiler and IQ Matcher components. Again, it can be used in real-time and/or batch mode and can be integrated into existing systems.

IQ Office Enterprise Edition is the core component of solutions such as:

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