We work closely with a range of partners to provide access to a wide variety of high quality information management solutions. Through our strategic partnerships with key industry participants and data providers, Intech can offer a comprehensive solution to your information quality needs.

Data Partners

Australia Post - Address Matching Approval System (AMAS®)

Intech has an agreement with Australia Post enabling the distribution of Australia Post’s Postal Address File (PAF), under its Address Matching Approval System (AMAS®) program. Since inception of the AMAS® program, Intech’s flagship product, IQ Office has been approved by Australia Post in accordance with the Address Matching Approval System. The software will append a Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) to each validated address record as well as Barcode Sort Plan (BSP) details required for bulk mail lodgement. AMAS® is a registered trademark of Australia Post.

PSMA Full Access Value Added Reseller

Intech is a Full Access Reseller of PSMA data including the Geo-coded National Address File (G-NAF®). Intech is able to provide licensing for raw data as well as products and services with both full and embedded access to PSMA data. Our flexible and powerful IQ Office software can perform a range of geospatial and address cleansing functions utilising PSMA data. G-NAF® is a registered trademark of PSMA.

NZ Post SendRightTM Certification

Intech has an agreement with New Zealand Post enabling the distribution of New Zealands Post’s Postal Address File (PAF), under its SendRight program. The NZ Post SendRightTM Address Accuracy Programme requires bulk mail customers to validate their postal addresses against New Zealand Post’s Postal Address File (PAF), and obtain a Statement of Accuracy (SOA). The SOA is used to calculate the value of the discount applicable for each batch of mail lodged with NZ Post.

Intech is a certified SendRightTM Partner and our software is approved to validate addresses against the NZ Post Postal Address File (NZ PAF) and generate a statement of accuracy. The software will also append a Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) to each validated address record. SendRightTM is a registered trademark of NZ Post.


Critchlow Ltd is a leading provider of location intelligence and geospatial solutions. The company offers a full range of geospatial services including analysis, geospatial solution development and also provides enabling geospatial software and data.

Critchlow owns and maintains a national address dataset C-NAR (Critchlow National Address Register), which contains New Zealand property addresses, including current PAF postal addresses, geocodes, boundary data and a range of other data enrichment variables. The Critchlow partnership with Intech enables our software to:

  • Validate addresses against a full set of physical property address data, and
  • Append a C-NAR Identifier to each validated address record, and
  • Return geocodes, boundary data and numerous other data enrichment variables.

More about Critchlow - www.critchlow.co.nz

RDA Research

RDA is the developer of leading edge geodemographic solutions including the geoTribes and geoSmart segmentation systems.

geoTribes is an advanced person-level geodemographic segmentation system that supports multi-channel marketing solutions through a needs framework. geoTribes is unique among geodemographic segmentation systems because of the incorporation of factual age in its fitment. This provides a greater discrimination for products and services with a lifecycle stage loading.

geoTribes allows corporations to use a single set of segments across all stages of market planning, leading to efficient, coordinated and highly accountable marketing processes.

geoSmart is RDA's versatile geodemographic segmentation system, based on the principle that people with similar demographic profiles and lifestyles tend to live near each other.

The geoSmart system has 58 segments & 12 groups organised on the two dimensions of Socioeconomic Status and Family Orientation.

RDA's geodemographic solutions are used in customer targeting, retail strategy, analytics, insight development and multi-channel communications by blue chip corporations and their agencies in financial services, healthcare, FMCG, utilities, recreation, telecommunications, retail and marketing services. These are supplied as enhanced data files, analytical reports, bureau data processing services, customised analytics, web services & end-user solutions.

Intech is able to provide licensing for RDA data either as a stand-alone product or for use within our IQ Office software. More about RDA Research - www.rdaresearch.com.au

Technology Platform Partners

In addition to the above partnerships, Intech maintains partnerships with technology platform providers enabling us to integrate, test and quality assure our products on a wide range of technology platforms. These include partnerships with the following companies:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • SAP
  • IBM


Esri® creates GIS software tools and methodologies that enable organisations to effectively analyse and manage their geographic information and make better decisions.

Intech's IQ Office address cleansing and geocoding functionality is available to ArcGIS® users and ArcGIS powered solutions as a compliant Locator Service requiring no additional training.

Resolve Software Group

Resolve Software Group is a global provider of Dynamic Case Management (DCM), delivering solutions in case management, complaints management, incident management and other similar applications.

Resolve integrates IQ Rapid Address software to quickly and accurately capture, validate, standardise and barcode addresses at the point of data entry, thereby increasing both speed and data accuracy for Resolve users.

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