Finding information anywhere and everywhere

Whilst organisations collect and store vast amounts of information about their clients, easily locating that information is an elusive ambition. Information is typically spread amongst many systems, across business units or across related organisations who have a desire to share information, but no ability to easily do so.

To resolve this issue, Intech provides a flexible and secure software solution that allows an end user to find information anywhere with a single query. To achieve this, we consider search as an enterprise function, rather than a function of an individual system. With this new paradigm, when a user performs a search, an intelligent search is carried out at each place where data resides, and the end user benefits from a single list of records returned, quickly, ordered by relevance.

Federated Search

The solution supports multiple models for accessing information, indexing it, and protecting its security. In a Federated model, search configuration, data indexing and security are maintained within each data domain or system. Conversely, in a Centralised model, information is indexed centrally. The most typical implementation will use a mix of Centralised and Federated approaches. We refer to this as a Hybrid approach to search.

Features & Benefits

  • Can search multiple data sources in a single query.
  • Security is maintained at the source of the data.
  • Fuzzy matching makes it easy to locate customer records.
  • User gets a consolidated list of match results, sorted by relevance.
  • Ability to fine tune to any dataset and business rule.
  • Benefits of enhanced identity searching:
    • Improved customer service
    • Decreased data duplication
    • Better ability to detect fraud
    • Higher cross selling opportunities
    • Fosters operational efficiencies
    • Improved analytical capabilities
    • Increased customer acquisition and retention

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